ShareWay IP 2.0

ShareWay IP 2.0 makes sharing files over IP as easy as sharing them over AppleTalk. ShareWay IP has been the leading solution for IP-based file sharing since 1997. But until now you've had to give up some of AppleTalk's ease of use to gain the power and reach of IP. ShareWay IP 2.0 brings AppleTalk's ease of use to Internet file sharing.

ShareWay IP 2.0 includes two key ease-of-use features previously only available through AppleTalk file sharing:

And ShareWay IP 2.0 includes a key security feature not even available through AppleTalk file sharing:

Plus full support for new Mac OS 8.5 technologies like Navigation Services.

Dynamic server browsing: ShareWay IP 2.0 utilizes Apple's new Network Services Location (NSL) technology, included with Mac OS 8.5, to dynamically register through the Internet standard Service Location Protocol (SLP), in much the same way that AppleTalk-based file sharing registers with the Name Binding Protocol (NBP). Clients wishing to easily browse and access ShareWay IP servers can utilize Open Door's new AFP Engage! 2.0 product and NSL to display a list of available servers and to initiate access to those servers through the standard AppleShare client. A single user license for AFP Engage! 2.0 is included with each copy of ShareWay IP 2.0 Personal and Standard Editions, and a 50-user license with ShareWay IP Professioanl. Additional volume and site licenses are also available.

ShareWay IP Pro 2.0 can even make other IP-based file servers, such as AppleShare IP, available through dynamic server browsing. Through ShareWay IP Pro's SLP proxying feature, IP-based servers which don't directly support SLP can still be registered for easy access through AFP Engage!

OS integration: ShareWay IP 2.0 Personal and Standard Editions include a new background-only mode of operation. In background-only mode, ShareWay IP essentially becomes a part of the Mac OS itself, transparently merging with the Mac OS's built-in personal file sharing to provide IP-based file sharing. Users will no longer have to worry about accidentally quitting ShareWay IP, or wonder why it shows up in the application menu.

Real-time connection logging: IP-based servers are subject to security risks beyond those of AppleTalk servers. ShareWay IP 2.0 includes an optional connection log, which lists every connection attempt through ShareWay, successful or otherwise. Logged information includes user name and IP address, plus time connected and bytes transfered. ShareWay IP 2.0 logs can even be analyzed in real-time through Open Door's LogDoor Real-time Server Monitor for added security through up-to-date access details.

The ShareWay IP 2.0 press release is available here.