ShareWay IP 3.0

ShareWay IP 3.0 adds significant new security features, as well as Mac OS 9 compatibility, to the ShareWay IP Personal and Standard editions. ShareWay IP 3.0 is also a major upgrade to the version of ShareWay IP included with Mac OS 9. New features include:

  • Per user security - IP connection attempts can be allowed or denied for specific users and for guests. Using this mechanism in conjunction with your server's users and groups, different levels of security can be implemented for AppleTalk and IP.
  • Online Help - Integrated Apple Help makes online help available through the Help Center and through ShareWay's Help menu.
  • Connected user information - displays a sorted list of IP-connected users, including user name and user IP address.
  • Mac OS 9 compatibility.
  • Configurable TCP port number - the TCP port number used by ShareWay IP can be changed as desired.
  • Connection log - as an upgrade to Mac OS 9's File Sharing over TCP/IP (implemented through a basic version of ShareWay), adds a real-time connection log, showing who's logged into your server and when.

ShareWay IP 3.0 upgrades are available to all registered ShareWay IP Personal and Standard Edition owners, plus to all owners of Mac OS 9.

ShareWay IP Professional Edition already includes most of the new features of ShareWay IP 3.0. ShareWay IP Pro owners need to upgrade to ShareWay IP Pro 2.0.1 for Mac OS 9 compatibility (a free upgrade from version 2.0).